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iSqueek - Dog Squeak Toys
HarryApps, LLC

If you are compiling a list of iPhone apps for dogs then the iSqueek iPhone application should be at the top of your list. The iSqueek Dog Squeak Toy App for the iPhone is a pretty cool iPhone App. It is a simple user friendly App, but it does exactly what you expect it to do, and it is what you would expect from a good iPhone App. Most importantly it is fun for both dogs and humans.

Most dog apps on the iTunes App store seem to be far too basic for the iPhone. Most are just simple static button apps that make noise when you touch a button without really doing anything very interesting--nothing you would expect from an App designed for the innovative iPhone hardware.

However, the iSqueek iPhone App gives you 18 high-quality animated squeaky toys (with more to come) that you actually press and release like you would a real squeaky toy. The sounds are great and they are synchronized with the duration of the users touch, so you can make shorter or longer sounds like you would with a real squeaky toy.

The app is made to attract the attention of a Dog, but the high quality animations and realistic interactions with the toys make it just as fun for humans to play with. Kids particularly like playing with the toys (maybe there is something more to that, but we will not go there). You do not even have to have a dog to have fun with this App or to find a use for it.

Still, it is an App that is designed for Dogs and we have tested it on numerous dogs. What we have found is that the dogs get excited in the same way that they would if you squeezed their real squeak toys. So, it does what it is supposed to do and it is fun to play with the Dog using the iSqueek App.

By the way, another thing that we noticed is that when you squeak the iSqueek the dog gets excited as usual, but eventually many of the dogs run to get their own favorite real toy (squeaky toy, bone, tennis ball, or even a stick) and bring that to you. This was kind of neat since we might want to play with our dog, but we did not want to search the house for a favorite toy (usually behind the couch somewhere). The dog goes and finds it for us after we get them excited and ready to play with the iSqueek App.

So, check out the YouTube video. The video basically gives you a full example of what the App will do. So, there are no surprises here. The video shows it all to you and the App does exactly what you would expect.

You should also check out the developer sites listed above. HarryApps is the developer and the iSqueek website is specifically for this App (I have included the links above).

Notice that the developer would also like to receive videos of your dog reacting to the iSqueek app. They say they will display those videos on their website, and maybe even give you a T-Shirt if your video is notably cool. It might be nice to see a bunch of those videos on that site as it would give people more of an idea of how their dogs may react if they get this App.

Also remember to leave feedback on the iTunes store, and if you have any trouble with the App you can contact the developers via their website. They seem to be receptive to any suggestions you might have. If you want them to toss in a frequency generator (I mean, a Dog Whistle) or a clicker they could probably do that as well, but they would need feedback to let them know what people want. So, let them know what you would like in future releases via the HarryApps support email on their website.

Check out the iSqueek Dog Squeak Toy iPhone App its the Best Dog App on the iTunes App Store.